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3 Pool Maintenance Tips to Consider for Summer Preparation From a Pool Repair Service

Preparing Your Pool for Summer

A swimming pool is a perfect backyard installation, especially during sunny days. However, like other home installations, swimming pools need regular maintenance. While cleaning your swimming pool isn’t an exciting way to start your summer, dipping into the pool only to find metal stains, calcium scales, and murky water is disappointing. Ignoring simple swimming pool issues also leads to pricey repairs and replacements in the future.

Here are 3 pool maintenance tips to consider for summer preparation from a pool repair service provider.

Clean Your Pool Filter

Cleaning your swimming pool’s filter is crucial, as it contributes significantly to a healthy pool. Pool chemistry, circulation, and filtration are the three determinants of a perfect pool. How frequently you should replace or clean the filter depends on pool usage. Consider cleaning it frequently if your kids spend most of their summer break inside water.

Vacuum the Pool for Dirt and Debris

While this may seem obvious, most people stop at skimming pools and cleaning filters. However, clean pool water isn’t a sign of a healthy or perfect pool. Ensuring your pool surface is dirt-free prevents you from contracting bacterial infections. Vacuuming your pool regularly removes debris, dirt, and algae. You should also brush the walls, steps, and floors.

Check Water Levels

Checking water levels is another obvious summer pool maintenance tip. Most people often ignore it, but changes in water levels can damage your pool. Low water levels can cause pump problems, while high water levels can impair the normal functioning of the skimmer. Detecting slight changes in water levels might be a problem, but it can change over time due to pool usage or following a heavy storm.

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