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A Brief Overview of Our Services

Swimming pools are a great place for entertainment, relaxation, and sports activities. If you like to swim with our dog and kids, you should know that it will require constant inspections and maintenance. You can turn to Quality Pool Repair by CR to keep your investment in good working order.

Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation

Pool Cleaning

If you have a concrete, fiberglass, tile, or vinyl pool, whether it is situated under or above ground, you will need an expert to check the water from time to time. Using specialized brushes and pool vacuum cleaners, we can clean your system in no time. Daily skimming is not sufficient. You will have to clean the walls and floor too. We can do it for you without a hitch.

Pool Plastering & Replastering

Replastering vs repair is a common dilemma pool owners often face. Repairing the top coat of plaster compound or completely replacing it is an important decision. Before we make that decision, we conduct a comprehensive inspection which needs the water to be drained off. If the amount of water in your pool has already started to reduce, that means you have a leak that needs to be fixed.

Pool Plumbing Repair

Addressing pool leaks usually requires replacing damaged plumbing components, such as PVC connections, joints, pipe fittings, valves, and more. We are all very familiar with how they work and what the signs of damage are. So, you can contact our specialists as soon as you notice any issues.

Pool Renovation

Pool renovations are so diverse, and they can include everything from adding a new pool deck and fountain to new pumps, heaters, and valves, etc. These projects can be only limited by your own imagination. If you are interested in such additions to your main pool area, give us a call now. We are in Perris, CA.

Quality Pool Repair by CR is an experienced company dedicated to delivering 100% reliable cleaning, repair, and renovation services. If you live in Perris, CA and need professional help, do not wait, call our technicians at (951) 414-1618 immediately.